Notes Page (In Session)

Notes for current session to be transcribed later


Land a hoe
password dinosaur
sold 4 crates of Jeuu Jeuu leaves for 2880
gold total 5580
leaders Jeremiah Dazger and Digger
Village and towns are on the outskirts trying to expand
closer to the center the more dangerous
dont climb trees

James J crafts guns (dragon pistol, dagger pistol, double-barreled musket)
uh oh! violent storm! look out dad!
vroom! zoooom! uh-oh! big tall mountain!
onto goldfish island! (name it ‘the snack that smiles backland’)
in the cave! OwO what is in here i wonder?
oh my it’s a sphinx
fuckin destroyed that sphinx get destroyed
tony hawk’s american wasteland
uh o pvp!
alright gang, let’s split up

team 1 – alex, brendan, john, chris, craig (left)
b squad – james j, james c, jeremy, zakkk, andrew (right)


Notes Page (In Session)

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