The USS Argh Storage Room


Bulk Items

Crate of Pistols – 10
Crate of Special Bullets – 90 normal/20 special
Crate of Food – ingredients and oranges – in use by cook
Crate of Dragon Leather
Crate of Alchemist Fire

Magic Items

Wand of Mirror Image – Unclaimed
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone – Claimed by Martin PC
5 Potions of Spider Climb – 1 in use by Jeremy
4 Potions of Cure Light Wounds – Unclaimed – 1 in use by Martin PC & James “Pirate Enrico the Bald”, Jeremy
Amulet of +1 Natural Armor – Claimed by Alex “Dirty Beard”
Ring of Swimming – Craig
+1 Shortswords x2 – Zak and Brendan
Ring of Force Shield – Brendan
Breast Plate of +1 (Med) – Zak
Heavy Armor of Shadows – Craig
Luck Blade +1 Shortsword (reroll 1 ability check) – Chris
+2 Scale Mail – Brendan has it but isn’t wearing it
Robe of Useful Items 13 patches – Luc

Non-Magical Items

Mithral Buckler – claimed by Jeremy PC
Masterwork Flute – Unclaimed
Dragon Pistol – Claimed by Alex “Dirty Beard”

380 Gold
The deed to The Phoenix
Row Boat


The USS Argh Storage Room

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