Jeuu Jeuu Island

Home of the Jeuu Jeuu leaves (drugs)
Jeuu Jeuu leaves are various colors and, if consumed frequently, may get the user addicted.

Got 4 crates from the mayor of the island (Mery) on the condition that we would use it to ‘spread the goodness of the Jeuu Jeuu Leaves’
Welcomed to the island by the owner of a majority of the island’s Jeuu Jeuu Farms, Bo.

The island has no militia. (chris wants his own island)

The island has a bronze dragon living on its mountain, which the Jeuus give tribute to.
The bronze dragon is willing to trade rare/magical items for gold or other magical items.

Island has:
Mayor’s House
Jeuu Jeuu Farms
Hot Springs

Jeuu Jeuu Island

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