The Isle of Demon Reef


Demon Reef, the last known haven for monsters and outlaws alike.

This damned isle is home to a small “town” known as Kraken’s Cove, a refuge for many a pirate captain and crew. You would be wrong to call it a town, however, as holds little more than a tavern and a few run-down ports. Although it isn’t the nicest of places in the world, it is home to those who have nowhere else to go.

Notable Locations

One-Eye Jack’s – a local tavern owned by a retired captain
The Kraken Bazaar – the only local (black) market, usually used to sell off stolen goods to smugglers
Port Wander – the most used port on the entire island
Menge’s Hideout – the storage/meet area for Menge’s crew

Notable People

Menge – a gang leader that has set up a warehouse for smuggled goods on Demon Reef

Party Relations/Contacts

Menge’s anger – the party stole from gang leader Menge, and gained notoriety

The Isle of Demon Reef

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