Roger Brown "The Jolly Brute"


What you look like

Any notable features
The long sword is strapped to his back and the short sword to holstered at his hip, allowing easy access to both.

Items of interest
Ioun, stolen from Menge, at the moment, just another shiny rock to be sold.


There are two things that can make a man happy. Money and power. The Jolly Brute wants to have influence spanning the globe and wants his riches to be so vast that no man could ever count it all in one lifetime.

Brown has only 7 pieces of silver to his name. That’s the most hes ever had. And he wants more.

Roger Brown wasn’t always a successful pirate. Before sailing with the Argh, he served on a smaller ship, The Dauntless. He spent three years as a deckhand, never really given the opportunity to prove his battle prowess. It wasn’t until The Dauntless was trying to raid an Empyrean ship that he finally got his chance. When both the captain and the first mate were killed, Brown rallied the men and was able to narrowly escape capture and imprisonment. Greed got the better of him however and The Brute turned the crew on one another, hoping to escape with as much loot as he could. However, planning isn’t his strong suit. He was quickly discovered by the crew and was cast adrift. Its unknown how long he spent in the water, but the pirate necromancer found him and his fate was changed forever.

Rob a treasure fleet
Fight a Dinosaur
Defeat Menge (raise reputation)
Raid a coastal city
Be hired as a privateer

Roger Brown "The Jolly Brute"

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